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Product introduction

LD-1805 Multifunctional Auto Letter Bender

◆ Can process plate/flat alu & SS, and also various alu profile;

◆ Polyester rolls for continuous feeding;

◆ Diamond-coating milling cutter & Planer tool Slotting System both adopted;

◆ Roller-bender head for efficient and smooth bending;

◆ YAKO top quality motor driving with wide torque range;

Machine General Introduction:

◆ Continuous rolling-type feeding system are rapid and sensitive, give continuous response. Polyester feeding rolls have strong ability of adaption for different material hardness and thickness, without scratches;

◆ Length closed loop control system give gurantee to correct feeding. Self-developed bending software give rational and scientific length control, no matter straight line or curves, and ensure error within 0.1mm.

◆ Diamond-coating milling cutter, 45°~135°free cutting, double-side cutting, is adapted for plate alu & alu profile milling.

◆ Planer tool slotting system is adapted for professional SS slotting. Slotting line is burr-free and smooth. Planner tool is Germany-Made hard alloy lathe tool, which is durable to reduce slotting cost. Square shape, double-side, 8 knife-edge together, is easy to change tool without knife-polishing.

◆ High power servo driving is equipped with high quality ball screw and linear guide rail to ensure stable slotting and nice slotting line.

◆ Roller-bender head type bending system can give fast and smooth bending arcs efficiently. There won’t be any bending marks on letters;

◆ Size of roller-bender is professionally tested, which not only can output small bending radius but also be strong enough for big thickness material bending.

Machine Technical Data: